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We buy all ferrous and non-ferrous metals!

Aluminum breakage

Aluminum – Breakage

At Anderson Recycling, we are dedicated to responsible waste management. Despite any damage or mixing with other materials, our advanced recycling methods efficiently extract valuable aluminum. By selling your aluminum breakage to us, you’re not only gaining value from materials that might be wasted but also contributing to a sustainable resource cycle.

aluminum coated wire

Aluminum – Coated Wire

Want value from your aluminum-coated wires? Count on us. Whether they’re from electrical applications or other sources, we’re eager to buy them. Our advanced separation techniques efficiently extract aluminum from coatings, maximizing usable material. Choose us for recycling – you’ll monetize waste and support the eco-friendly reuse of resources.

aluminum clean

Aluminum – Clean

Clean aluminum, like extrusions, sheets, and more, is prized for its energy efficiency in recycling. We offer great prices for your clean aluminum. Selling us your scraps actively conserves energy and reduces emissions, as recycling uses far less energy than producing new aluminum.

Aluminum Rims

Aluminum – Rims

Elevate your recycling – sell aluminum rims to us. From old vehicles or machinery, we buy rims of all sizes and conditions. Aluminum rims are valuable for their content and eco-friendliness – recycling cuts raw material use and energy-intensive manufacturing. Join us for environmentally impactful, responsible recycling.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans are highly recyclable. Sell your cans to promote a circular economy – we turn them into new products, not waste. Recycling cans with us save up to 95% of energy compared to raw material production. Join our efforts for a greener planet.


We handle all types, like automotive, rechargeable, and household batteries, with care. Hazardous materials within batteries can harm the environment if not managed right. Selling to us ensures eco-friendly recycling, preventing harm to soil and water.

Brass Heater Core

Have brass heater cores? Profit by selling them to us. These cores, from heating systems and machinery, hold valuable recyclable brass. Partner with us to cut new brass production and enhance resource use. Let’s collaborate for more valuable, eco-friendly brass recycling.

Cast Aluminum

For cast aluminum items like engine blocks, parts, and cookware, sell to us. Cast aluminum is highly recyclable, reducing the need for new aluminum and its energy-intensive production. By selling to us, you back sustainable material reuse, aiding resource conservation. Join our path to a greener future.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters reduce emissions with precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. We buy converters to recover these valuable metals, cutting the need for new mining and processing. Sell yours for cleaner air and greener auto industry.

Number 1 Copper

#1 Copper

Cash in on your number 1 copper scraps – sell to us. With high purity and conductivity, it’s prized in industries. Choose us for recycling, repurposing copper, and conserving resources. Join our mission for responsible recycling and resource management.

Number 2 Copper

#2 Copper

Want to monetize number 2 copper? We’re here for you. From pipes to wires, we buy your scraps. Recycling cuts mining and energy needs, reducing environmental impact. Selling to us supports sustainable resource management for a greener future.

Number 1 Copper Coated Wire

#1 Copper – Coated Wire

We value your number 1 copper-coated wire. Our specialization lies in extracting value from challenging sources. With expertise and advanced techniques, we maximize copper salvage for a fair return. Partner with us for responsible recycling.

#1 Copper - Coated Wire Poor Recovery

#1 Copper – Coated Wire Poor Recovery

Despite poor recovery rates, your number 1 copper-coated wire is valuable to us. We excel in maximizing recovery from challenging sources, using expertise and advanced techniques to salvage copper. Join our commitment to responsible recycling.

#2 Copper – Coated Wire

For recycling number 2 copper coated wire, choose us. We buy these wires to efficiently recover valuable copper, despite imperfections. Partner with us for sustainable resource use and reduced demand for new copper production.

Communication, Christmas Lights etc.

#2 Copper – Coated Wire Poor Recovery

Don’t be discouraged by poor recovery. We excel at handling challenges, maximizing value from number 2 copper-coated wire. Even with less-than-perfect copper content, we’re committed to efficient extraction. Selling to us promotes responsible recycling and waste reduction.

Communication, Christmas Lights etc.

Communication, Christmas Lights, Etc.

Give new life to communication cables, Christmas lights, and similar items with us. We buy these materials containing valuable components like copper. Recycling prevents landfill waste and recovers valuable resources. Join our mission for a more sustainable future through responsible recycling.

Electric Motors

Have old electric motors? We’ll take them. These motors hold valuable metals for repurposing. Sell to us for resource conservation and responsible waste management. Let’s recover materials and cut new mining with us as your recycling partner.


Lead, found in various applications, can be hazardous without proper management. Our processes align with regulations, safeguarding public health and the environment through responsible lead recycling.

Lead Wheel Weights

Lead Wheel Weights

Dispose of lead wheel weights responsibly with us. These weights, used for tire balance, can harm the environment if not recycled. We handle them properly to reduce lead pollution. Choose us for sustainable waste management.

Red Brass

Red Brass

Recycle red brass responsibly with us. Found in plumbing fixtures, red brass contains valuable copper and metals. Selling to us conserves resources and reduces waste. Our recycling efficiently extracts and reuses materials for a greener future.

Sealed Units

Sealed Units

Recycle sealed items, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. In order to avoid injury, valuable elements are carefully retrieved from the inside. Sales to us support resource recovery and environmentally responsible waste management.



Join us in recycling stainless steel. It is perfect because of its longevity and resistance to corrosion. Our cutting-edge procedures turn garbage into new goods, preserving resources and reducing the need for more manufacture.

Yellow Brass

Yellow Brass

Recycle yellow brass – plumbing fixtures, valves, and decor. We buy your items. Selling to us supports the circular economy by reusing materials. Our processes efficiently recover valuable brass for a greener planet.


Recycle turnings – machining debris with value. We recover valuable metals. Selling to us cuts manufacturing waste and boosts resource efficiency. Our recycling methods ensure eco-friendly processing, benefiting your business and the environment.

Yellow Brass

Aluminum Copper Radiators

Find value in aluminum copper radiators with us. Specializing in purchasing these radiators, common in various applications. Efficient processes maximize aluminum-copper separation, boosting value. Sell to us for earnings and resource conservation. Join our mission for responsible recycling and a greener future.

Copper Brass Radiators

Recycle copper brass radiators with us. Found in heating systems and machinery, they hold valuable copper and brass. Sell for proper material recovery. Our expertise ensures efficient copper-brass extraction, promoting environmental conservation and economic benefits. Partner for responsible recycling.

Anderson Recycling also buys a number of other scrap products like junk vehicles of all kinds.

We also buy scrap junk cars

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Curated Recycling Material Acquisitions

Our expertise in responsible scrap buying ensures that your materials are valued and processed with the utmost care. Partner with us to turn your recyclables into a positive contribution to the environment.

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