Crucial Factors to Determine the Best Scrap Copper Cost

Scrap Metal

Those facing a small cash crunch would be delighted to know that one can turn trash into a trove to have some quick cash in hand. All household trash may not fetch you cash. However, the scrap metals at your home can fetch quick cash, especially if you have scrap copper at home. Metal recycling is a thriving industry worldwide, and copper is one of the most demanded metals in the recycling industry. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a scrap copper recycler in your neighborhood. However, only an eminent recycler can offer the best scrap copper cost to the sellers.

1. Cleanup and Polish Before Selling

Copper loses its shine with time due to dust accumulation. Sometimes, copper loses its color due to the moisture in the air. Selling scrap copper will fetch you better prices if you clean the items a little. The items that look clean and polished draw the attention of the buyers quickly. Cleaning up copper is not a big hassle since you can clean the items using soap and water. Use a brush to rub off the dust on the copper surfaces to make it look polished.

2. Small Items Also Have Values

Many people think that small items made of copper would not fetch a good resale amount. You would be surprised to know that even copper dust can be sold. Many scrap yards purchase the copper dust and recycle the dust for various industrial uses. So, you can sell even a small piece of copper without any hassles to a recycler.

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3. Copper Has Two Selling Points

Both alloyed and unalloyed copper items have two selling points. The first selling point is its type and design. For example, an old showpiece made of copper may fetch you an excellent resale amount. On the other hand, the material itself is in high demand in the recycling industry. Copper can be processed and recycled to develop various materials. For example, copper is a trustworthy material for developing the wires for electrical usage.

4. Places to Find Scrap Copper in Your Home

Various items in your home can be a good source of procuring scrap copper for selling. Without knowing, people throw items into the dump yards. For example, do you know that old ceiling or table fans can be your source of copper? Similarly, people tend to throw away old bathroom accessories and fittings. The reality is that many bathroom accessories, taps, and pipes have copper. Besides these common sources, some other copper sources are kitchenware items, old wires, vintage jewelry, vases, etc.


5. Separating Scrap Copper from Other Metals

Knowing the art of separating metals will help you earn money handsomely by selling them. A particular item in your house may be made using different types of metals. Therefore, it is crucial to separate them and sell them individually. Selling the separated metals will fetch you better prices than selling them altogether. You may follow the steps discussed below to sell scrap copper at the best cost.

  • Separating copper from other metals is simple since you can identify copper by its color. Use the basic tools that you have in your home to separate copper.
  • After separating copper from other metals, you need to brush off the dust from its surfaces. Clean the items using regular soap and water.
  • Make a consistent bunch if you want to sell copper wires to the recycler.
  • Do not throw away the copper alloys since the copper alloys can fetch similar prices to the non-alloyed copper.

6. Find a Reputed Scrapyard

Instead of selling junk copper items from your house to regular garbage collectors, you must find a reputed scrapyard near you. A professional recycler will provide better deals for the scrap copper price per pound. Therefore, you can make more money by selling your junk copper items.

Bottom Line

So, these are some crucial factors that help determine the right scrap copper cost. The tips discussed above will help you get the best deals for copper junk at your home. Anderson Recycling is one of the leading recycling services in Sandstone, MN. People looking to sell their junk metal items can check our website to know the things that we buy. Schedule your call today for a free and hassle-free pickup of junk copper items at your home.

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